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Memories from one of his teachers, don Giulio Gaio

"With clear memory and extraordinary property of language he spoke about that "bocia" (boy) who wrote topics of ten or twelve pages giving him additional hard work as a teacher. "


He was the first one of the class, a cannon, but I had never noticed in him any feeling of superiority over his companions". The relationships between teacher and pupil had not been interrupted due to the seminary.


Don Giulio defined them " cordial, spontaneous, in order not to say, friendly. Which did not prevent them - they are always his words - from also having discussions, especially on some points of view about political and ecclesial matters, but which, never disturbed true friendship relationships ".


During an interview in 1986, he had told us: "I have sent don Albino my best wishes on his election to Vittorio Veneto and I have also assured him of my prayer to the Holy Spirit because He could help him to carry that cross that had fallen on him, - I have added in my letter, by way of a joke, also in repair to that one to which he condemned me when he was in IV and V gymnasium with his topics that never ended! ".